Dear God, I acknowledge that there are things in my life that I may have to let go of as a result of my choosing to follow your way. Lord, I ask that you give me the strength I need to be able to let go, and may you comfort me in any time I feel pain. I thank you, Lord, that there is a greater glory ahead, that makes these sacrifices worthwhile. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Jesus Christ was born in a dreary stable. I have cleaned out many stables. I have cleaned out rich stables and poor ones. No matter rich or poor they are dirty. Yet, His birth was long awaited. Our Savior in swaddling clothes who came down from heaven to shed light and His love to the world. Only His glory and holiness will still shine bright in the darkness of this world. It’s been another year of ups and downs Jesus light still lights the way. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, no matter what in Jesus name Amen

Author: Delana Zakrzewski

I am saved by the most High God for others sins against me any sins against the Lord God Almighty, Whose Son Jesus, washed us all of our sin by His presuses blood and beat death, by walking out of the Tomb

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