Jim Jordan’s Unhinged Nazis Comparison Summed Up In 1 Word On Twitter

Jim Jordan’s Unhinged Nazis Comparison Summed Up In 1 Word On Twitter

Critics summed up Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) latest controversial claim with one word; projection.

Jordan, appearing on conservative network Newsmax, suggested the “radical left” of 2021 poses a threat to the United States that is on a par with the “evils” of Nazi Germany, imperial Japan and slavery.

“Every third generation in this country has had to do something big,” said Jordan, a staunch supporter of ex-President Donald Trump.https://d-17798325571749997820.ampproject.net/2111242025001/frame.html

“You think about the Founders and what they did when they declared why we’re going to be an independent country, what they had to overcome, the greatest military in the world. They did it,” he continued. “Three generations later, Lincoln and the Americans then held the country together, got rid of the evil of slavery. Three generations later, America defeated imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, the evils that those two … countries represented and the greatest generation won that war.”

The current assault, three generations later, is “from the radical left,” claimed Jordan, a right-wing extremist. “We have to step forward and do our part like previous generations of Americans have done. I think we’re up to the task.”

Jim Jordan says liberals must be defeated like the ‘evils’ of Nazy German and slavery. pic.twitter.com/14zvzSaxTd

— David Edwards (@DavidEdwards) December 6, 2021

Critics called it the “textbook definition of projection,” among other things:

Textbook definition of projection by @Jim_Jordanhttps://t.co/UI1uIGTQgZ

— Terry Blount (@TBlountNews) December 6, 2021

Jim Jordan said Liberals must be destroyed because they’re successors of “Nazis.” Trump read Mein Kampf to study Hitler’s strategy. His base is made up of proud boys & skinheads. Ron DeSantis is setting up a Gestapo. And Jim supports them all. Gym Jordan is an American Nazi.

— Uncovering The Truth (@UncvrngTheTruth) December 6, 2021

Jim Jordan projecting again!

— Teresa J💞💐🌼🌞🌷💝🌊💗🌺🍹🍸🍻 (@teresasd) December 6, 2021

It’s textbook ‘projection to achieve deflection’. Their real power is the years of conditioning it takes for so many lost people to readily believe.

— Jason Kechely (@JasonKechely) December 6, 2021

If you wonder how projection works to expose someone’s true nature, meet Jim Jordan. What he says about others is actually true about him: Liberals must be destroyed because they are successors to ‘evils’ of Nazis and slavery https://t.co/yEJtkw4r6G

Author: Delana Zakrzewski

I am saved by the most High God for others sins against me any sins against the Lord God Almighty, Whose Son Jesus, washed us all of our sin by His presuses blood and beat death, by walking out of the Tomb

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