Racism and Misogyny are tools of the Liberal Party. A Party Dr. Fauci is a part of!

Racism and misogyny are the tools of the liberal press and Democrat Party. They use these accusations when it suits them and discards them when they do not.

Andrew and Chris Cuomo are great dudes until they are not. Larry Elder is called a black, white supremacist, like Clayton Bigsby, because he’s conservative.

How will the liberal media use racism and misogyny to get rid of Joe Biden? It was clear from the inauguration that he would not make it to the end of his four-year term.

Joe Biden is a sock puppet for the liberal Democrats to run the country. He does whatever they tell him to do, signs whatever they put in front of him, and says whatever they put on the teleprompter. He’s already called his presidency the Harris administration, and White House documents and websites touted the Biden-Harris administration.

Now, Democrats at CNN are using the accusation of racism and misogyny to defend Kamala Harris.

In the 2020 presidential election, Kamala Harris barely made it to the debate stage. She was not Barack Obama’s reincarnation. She was unable to captivate an audience. Her record did not qualify her to lead this country in any way.

Harris had her moment when she correctly called Joe Biden a bigot. Then she vanished before any primary votes could be cast. Only to parlay her identity into the position of Vice President in the hopes of becoming Biden’s heir apparent. Being number two in a failed administration, on the other hand, will be a blot on her record.

Biden declared that his Vice President would be an African American woman. That narrowed the pool considerably, but it also limited the prospects of the Democrat Party. Some may conclude that Joe made a deal with the party to nominate his eventual replacement as his Vice President based on the demands of the power brokers who know that they could use Joe to gain the office and use Kamala to keep it.

Susan Rice was another option. But she persuaded Obama to underwrite Hillary’s Trump Russia Collusion Story. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms and Shadow Governor and Activist Stacey Abrams could shore up Georgia and southern states. Then there was Democrat Representative Cori Bush (OH). But she was unacceptable because she supported the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” revolt in Ferguson, Missouri.

So, this left Kamala Harris.

She is technically Jamaican and Indian, but that still counts in a country that is all too willing to judge people based on the color of their skin. And she is undeniably a lady. Therefore, her qualifications are entirely tied to her identity and not her Democrat Party’s admission competence.

Leftists know how Harris landed her position, and they want to keep her there for the same reason. Kamala Harris wanted the California Attorney General and Senate positions, so she slept with Willie Brown to raise her profile. It opened political doors for her. As California AG, she who “inhaled” put marijuana cultivators in jail in a state that legalized the drug.

Kamala Harris was supposed to handle immigration over the Southern Border. And she did nothing with it, barely visited, did not implement “The Plan,” allowing herself to be railroaded by Biden with a losing issue for Democrats.

So now Democrats are exposed and lack any excellent options. They have the snickering Harris and the staggering and muttering Biden. If they get rid of both occupants of the White House, they might be able to insert the cackling ice cream pounding Nancy Pelosi. But they better hurry because after 2022 it’s a good chance that a Republican will occupy the Speaker of the House position.

As parental concern mounted over racial indoctrination in local schools during the recent Virginia gubernatorial race, a mantra emerged from the Democrat camp and the media: Critical Race Theory had “never been taught” in Virginia schools. That’s from then-Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, who in case anyone missed the point, added that the concerns about CRT were nothing but a “racist dog whistle.” The media agreed. Critical Race Theory is “not part of classroom teaching in Virginia,” reported the New York Times. Axios managing editor Margaret Talev said on CNN’s “Inside Politics, “let’s just say for the record in case anyone doesn’t know, they don’t teach Critical Race Theory to kids in kids’ K-12 schools. That’s not a thing anywhere in the country, including Virginia.” The claim was repeated elsewhere on CNN. It was dogma over at MSNBC.

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