Fundraiser To Build Safe Houses For All in Need! Human Trafficking in the United States. Its a Slavery that the Democrats Support.

Your company has a special dedication to making a difference in the world by having 10% of the profit at Sozy supporting survivors of sexual violence and 10% towards supporting charitable and environmental initiatives. Why did you decide to give to these causes?

We all have the opportunity and power to make a difference and a ripple effect on those around us. I want to help make the world a better place. Sexual violence has affected me personally throughout my life, and it’s been my mission to make sure it does not happen to others, people have the support they need, and perpetrators are brought to justice. As for the environmental charities, I want my kids, grandkids, and future generations coming to this world to have all the environmental resources, beauties, and health I grew up with. We have only one planet, and we need to take care of it cause, without it, we are nothing. Life is a give and take, and I try to make sure that Sozy put more back into the world than it took on the balance sheet of life.

How can we all be better supporters and advocates for survivors in our lives?         You’re not alone. I will personally do everything in my power to continue increasing awareness and resources, so everyone in need has the support to get through their experience and thrive. Thousands are without power, food, water… many are left with only the clothes on their backs. Our Crisis Relief partners are on the scene, responding with meals, water and other relief items … critical for day-to-day survival.

No one can do it all—not even Moses could. His attempt at solo law practice quickly left him on the verge of burnout. “The task is too heavy for you,” his father-in-law Jethro said. He suggested that Moses find a way to share the burden in order to make the most of his energy and gifts while allowing others to operate in their “sweet spot” as well. When the church follows that wise model, everyone wins.


Exodus 18:13-27 Illustration by Adam Cruft


As believers, we’re each called by God to specific tasks and given spiritual gifts to accomplish them.

  • Even when our heart is right, at times we have trouble seeing the big picture. Jethro knew Moses was doing God’s work but not in a sustainable way (Ex. 18:17-18). So he offered suggestions: Educate the people about how to behave, and then share leadership responsibilities with “[trustworthy,] capable men … who fear God” (Ex. 18:20-21 NIV). When we each know our part and carry it out properly, we all profit from a lightened load. Do you have a mature Christian friend who not only encourages you but can also discern areas for growth in Christlikeness? In what ways can you be that for someone else?
  • Just as the various parts of a human body have different functions, so the body of Christ is composed of individual members whose gifts and services are meant to benefit the whole community. Believers fill a wide range of roles, such as prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading, and showing mercy (Rom. 12:6-8). Have you identified your spiritual gift? If so, how is serving in it different from ministering in areas outside that calling? (Note: If you want to know your spiritual gift, check online or at church for assessment tools.)
  • Some believers consider certain roles in the church more appealing than others, but every gift of the Holy Spirit is essential. (See 1 Cor. 12:17.) How do you view your contribution to the local body? In what way can you encourage others about their service?

As Believers, We’re Each Called by God to Do Specific Tasks and Given Spiritual Gifts to Accomplish Them.


Being part of a community was also liberating for Moses in other ways.

  • At the burning bush, he received God’s call and clearly felt daunted by the prospect of confronting Pharaoh. The Lord didn’t revoke the assignment but instead provided what Moses needed: His brother Aaron would accompany him on the mission (Ex. 3:1-22Ex. 4:1-31). When has another person’s presence bolstered your confidence so you felt free to try something hard?
  • While Joshua fought the Amalekites, Moses watched with Aaron and Hur. The battle favored the Israelites as long as Moses’ hands were raised, but if he lowered them, the enemy gained ground. So Aaron and Hur steadily held Moses’ hands up till sunset, and Joshua was victorious (Ex. 17:10-13). Try to remember a time someone propped you up during a battle you were facing. How did that help?


Can you think of a person you could support?

  • Allowing someone in to shore us up requires vulnerability. In the same way, others may feel uncomfortable exposing their challenges, so it’s wise to approach such opportunities with sensitivity and prayer. 

While it Sounds Paradoxical, the Freest Christians are Those Who Live in Interdependence.


Consider how this study applies to your life. 

Some people assume free means “autonomous.” But the Creator, who wants us to experience authentic freedom, designed us for community. While it sounds paradoxical, the freest Christians are those who live in interdependence—they use their spiritual gift to do the particular tasks God gave them (Eph. 2:101 Pet. 4:10), thereby blessing the whole body.

  • The New Testament specifies many mutually beneficial ways to interact. Consider the following (or for others, try searching online to find verses with “one another”). Which seem most challenging? Are there some you would like others to demonstrate toward you? 
    • Be at peace with one another (Mark 9:50).
    • Wash one another’s feet (John 13:14). In what non-literal ways can this be done?
    • Love one another, just as Jesus has loved you (John 15:12).
    • Confess sin to one another and pray for one another (James 5:16).
    • Don’t judge one another or put up a stumbling block (Rom. 14:13).
    • Accept one another as Christ also accepted us (Rom. 15:7). How can acceptance affect attitude and service?
    • Bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2)
    • Be kind to one another, compassionate, and forgiving (Eph. 4:32).
    • Build each other up (1 Thess. 5:11).
  • Discuss ways to apply these, and intentionally incorporate two or three in your Christian walk. Hebrews 10:24 says, “Encourage one another in love and good deeds”—and the next verse reminds us: We can’t bless the body unless we’re in the body!

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OPTIONSExodus 18:13-27Exodus 18:17-18Exodus 18:20-21Romans 12:6-8

EXODUS, which means “A WAY OUT,” is the story of the Israelites miraculous deliverance from slavery. Abraham’s descendants, who have moved from Egypt to escape famine, became a great nation. But they also became slaves, and at one point, the pharaoh of Egypt ordered rhat their baby boys be drowned method of population control. One of those babies, Moses, was rescued, raised in an Egyptian palace and disciplined in the desert until he was called to lead God’s chosen people out of Egypt. Along the way God provided several miraculous signs of his presence, a burning bush, a staff that turned into a snake, ten plagues that brokethe resestance of Egypt’s pharaoh to free the Israelites, and a body of water that parted for the escaping people. The Passover, the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai, and the construction of the tabernacle, which taught God’s people how to live in relationship with Him, serve as a reminder for us today. As we read to God’s desire to care for and rescue his people, his love for them and his yearning to live among them, we are reminded of God’s love for us. Even though life and love mat, at times, lose thier brilliance in the daily drudgery of working, paying bills and keeping the house clean, there is always a beacon of hope provided by God, Who dwells among us.

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