Six days thou shalt do thy work, and on the seventh day thou shalt rest: that thine ox and thine ass may rest, and the son of thy handmaid, and the stranger, may be refreshed.

God rested on the seventh day; just as He rested, so we are to rest. It gives our livestock, family, and workers under us a chance to relax. It brings light back into tired eyes and allows people to continue. Take your Sabbath. There is nothing wrong with resting, and it is good for you. Enjoy your day of rest.

Thank you, LORD, for allowing me and encouraging me to rest. You are a good God. You are not cruel or unkind. You truly care for me and my wellbeing. I love You, and I love Your ways. I will surely serve You and find my rest in You all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen. O merciful and forgiving God, implore me to seek you more. Help me to help others do the same. Through your words and deeds all that I need to know can be known. Forgive me for not always committing fully, and help me commit more in the future. I humbly ask all of this in your Holy name, my Lord. Amen.

Comparing myself to my parents and other people that I looked up to often made me feel like a failure. It took me much longer to start a family than my parents, and this was tied somewhat to my constant comparison of my own potential children to my parent’s children. What if I was not as good a parent as they were? How could I cope with that?
I later learned that this was a foolish line of thinking. Having good role models to compare and emulate is incredibly valuable. Without them, it is very hard to understand the process involved with getting to where you want to go.
Out of all the people that we could compare ourselves to, who would be the most difficult to live up to? The answer is Christ, of course. However, attempting to emulate the Son of God is surely the best person we could ever aspire to be. We also have the Holy Scriptures to guide us, the word of God and teachings of Jesus to assist us along our spiritual path. We will surely never be as sinless and good as Christ, but there is no better person to compare ourselves to and aspire to be.

My Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be your name. We thank You O Lord, for showing us the way; the way to a righteous path; the way to Your heavenly Kingdom. Thank You for granting me Your courage and wisdom to walk Your path, for with You each stepis a victory as we get closer to You, I praise Your wonderful name Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in Jesus name Amen.

Author: Delana Zakrzewski

I am saved by the most High God for others sins against me any sins against the Lord God Almighty, Whose Son Jesus, washed us all of our sin by His presuses blood and beat death, by walking out of the Tomb

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