Unashamed of God’s Vision!

Introduction: God Is My Life

The words above are powerful… “Don’t quit!” They set the tone in your heart that will create change in your life. Living with this attitude will mark you and propel you into an amazing future. So, join Richard tonight as we let the Word of God transform us into the mighty finishers God created us to be!

The Bible often speaks of the blessings God has for us when we walk in His way. Following His simple – to – understand – but not always easy – to – live out – guidelines for our attitudes and behaviors.

God Is Love, if you don’t know God, you don’t know love!!!

I pray this next statement doesn’t shock you, but God does not love you and me because we are loveable. God loves us because His very nature is love. He can not do anything, but love. Even His wrath and judgment reveals His love for people  whose self – destructive ways He longs to have them stop.

Psalm 103:1 > Bless the Lord, O my soul: And all that is in me, bless His holy name!

Romans 1:14-15 > “I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish. That is why I  am so eager to preach the gospel also to you are in.

What is one why I can take a step of obedience towards God’s vision for your life, (my life)?

When I wake up make sure I thank the Lord for being a live. I thank the Lord for letting me read His Word, to hear His voice talking to me, right to my heart. I thank Jesus for the love of forgiveness and forgiveness of sins, and bei g willing to recreated to live a better life. As a child of my Heavenly Father, for loving me no matter what. He has equipped me to live in newness daily

I believe it’s God’s plan to work through me to carry out His mission for His glory.

Unashamed of God’s Vision;

How do you define yourself?

How do I define myself?

Every question that’s asked make it personal. Jesus deserves our respect. So, I  have been learning to write in the first person (myself).                                                                                                           

When I have a relationship with someone its about my relationship with them. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.                                                                                                              My relationship with Jesus is the same way. I am not ashamed of my identity in Christ or with Christ I love Him, dearly!                                                                                                                                                                       The call to live loud for Christ, unashamed of the Gospel, is clear in Scripture. But how do we live with such. Boldness?

The answer is three-fold, and it comes from a close look at Romans 1 and the life of the life of the Apostle Paul;

He says, “The first reason I can live unashamed of the Gospel is because I know who I am znd who’s I am. I am a child of the Living God and it is Him, I  belong to I know that Jesus Christ is Lord, and I am set apart by Him to be what ever He wants me to be for His glory.                                I  don’t know what He planned. I do know my identity is in Christ, and nothing can take that away from me.               In a day when so many people are so mixed up about who they are, when it is fashionable to question your gender.                                                                                                   Not Me! I blame this issue on Hollywood and the Democrats.

I hold on very tightly to my blood-bought identity. I am not confused about what my purpose on earth is supposed to be. I know my identity  – I am a servant of Jesus Christ, My beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, our Lord this is the healthiest self-perception we can ever have.

We are also Gentiles who are called to belong to Christ Jesus.

Today we need to root ourselves in this glorious identity today. Will you join me in this grace filled identity today and be anchored regardless of what opposition comes your way. Don’t miss out on the piece take only comes from Jesus, Himself and know who you belong to in Jexus name, Amen.

The second reason, I can live unashamed of the Gospel is because, I believe by faith God has given a vision only He can show me, for His glory in my life.

Today, the average person simply exist, living a shallow life that is focused only on ower own day to day needs.

I am eager to testify to God’s saving grace in my life. I don’t just trust and believe I know what the Lord has done for me. There is always a purpose of God’s beauty in  my life. There is always a purpose for even the bad stuff in my life.

I am a human traffick survivor. Ever since I was 2 years old my father beat me almost death. My mother threw her body over mine to save my life.                                             I have trusted that this was God’s vision for me even through it’s taking longer than expected. I asked Jesus to show me Him in my life.                                                                I have been forced to have sex with people I didn’t want to. I beaten for standing up for God, and believing that people can take what ever they want, but they can’t have my faith. I still trust God with everything.                                  Paul seen his fulfillment (see Acts 28:11-31).

Roma At Last Acts 28:11 – After three months we set sail in an Alexandria ship that had wintered at the island, with the Twin God’s as its figure head.

12 – Putting it at Syracuse, we stayed there three days.

Chapter 2:                              

Jesus did not preach these words as a reminder that we’re unable to fulfill what He calls us to.                                                                                            Instead, I can view them as an invitation  – to His disciples, the crowd, and all of us who have come to believe in Him.                                                                                     By telling us what blessing will come to His redeemed people, He is offering a guide for how to interact with the world and direct our hearts.                                                          Romans 6:4 > I have within me the glory of God that raised Christ from the dead.

2 Peter 1:17 > As a joint heir with Jesus you (I) the potential to live and walk in the excellence of the glory.        My Spiritual heritage is one of excellence that includes people like.

Daniel 6:3 – Daniel distinguished himself above the administrators and satrays because he had an extraordinary spirit, so the king planned to set him over the whole realm.

4 – The knowledge of how to operate in the excellence of God’s glory is already in you (me).

2 Corinthians 4:6 > For God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus Christ.

Like the Apostle Paul, I can press in to this knowledge.

Philippines 3:14 > I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.

2 Corinthians 12:1-10 > Boasting is necessary. It is not profitable, but I will move on to visions and revelations of the Lord.

2- I know a man in Christ who was caught to the third heaven fourteen years ago. Whether he was in the body or out of the body I don’t know; God knows.

(That’s all that matters)

3 – I know that this man – whether in the body or out of the body I don’t know, God knows –

4 – was caught up into paradise and heard inexpressible words, which a human being is not allowed to speak.

5 – I will boast about this person, but not about myself, except of my weaknesses.

6 – For if I want to boast, I wouldn’t be a fool because I would be telling the truth. But I will spare you, so that no one can credit me with something beyond what he sees in me or hears from me,

7 – especially because of the extraordinary revelations. Therefore, so that I would not exalt myself, a thron in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to torment me so that I would not exalt myself.

8 – Concerning this, I pleaded with the Lord three times that it would leave me.

9 – But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is perfected in weakness.” Therefore, I will most gladly boast all the more about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may reside in me.

10 – So I take pleasure in weaknesses, insult, hardships, persecutions, and in difficulties, for the sake of Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

11 – I have been a fool; you forced it on me. You ought to have commented me, since I am not in any way inferior to those “super-apostles,” even though I am nothing.

Thought For the Day; When I am weak I can find strength in God’s power.

Philippines 4:13 > I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me.

14 – Still, you

I felt the reassured that God’s strength and power within me – not my weakness – would prevail. God does not ask us to be strong on our own. That’s why God had a love story written for us. The Bible is the Living Word of God. Our Lord talks directly to me. I thank You, Lord for this love story to me.

At the beginning of the my abuse I would fight back, until one day at the age of 15, I dressed really sexy and hung out by a bar my father drank in. I left the area to go home. I found myself being followed by one of the guy where I was. The guy attacked me beat me really bad. When I went back to where is was one of the other guys went after him. He came back beat up as well.

My parents did their best to raise me. My fathers discipline was beating me up, because his step-dad beat him. He was also put in St. Michael’s school for boys. The Nuns there did the discipline, their was were horrible.         My mother was taken from her mother when she was two, so, was my Aunt Jenny, they ended up orphans and lived at Friendship House, were my Grandparents Helen and Norvel who became foster parents to my mother. They were wonderful people to me. I learned a lot from Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa died in 2001, and Grandma died in 2003. My world turned upside down. I love them still even with them being with the Lord.

My mother always had Bible’s around. Even the Jesus of Nazareth book to the movie. Mom would have me look for Jesus in every picture that had a crowd (like where’s Waldo kind of way). I loved looking at all the Bible’s she had. At the age of 13 I, picked up a children’s Bible with pictures. I loved that book and I wanted to know more. I hear God talking with me through His Word. I get a new Bible every year and start over reading it. I always learn more when I do this. When I was younger I participated in church and I still was until 2020. I do listen and watch churches on YouTube and TV. I do still listen to sermons and teachings of God’s Word. The stories of the Bible are in my heart. That’s where the Lord wants the Word to be written in our hearts, not dead stone.

I have asked the Lord to show me His wisdom and understanding, because that’s all that Solomon asked for and was the riches person in the world. I am rich with God, the Holy Spirit. Understanding that the Kingdom of God is within helps me to talk about the love of God, because God is Love. Like Paul, I have to trust and believe God to bring His vision in my life.                                                Do not despair when detours come, be encouraged. Any true calling must endure intense opposition.

In Romans 1:17 > Paul reminds, “The righteous will live by faith.” Jesus Christ is the only solid ground for our feet amidst the sinking sands of economic, cultural, and political change, and the Bible speaks about our faith in Him, in three different teases: past, present and future.          My past faith is the moment I came to Christ, confessing my sins and saying,                                                                           “Only Your Blood can save me. Now my present faith is the strongest its ever been. At this moment, I am exercising faith in the Living God to strengthen me, empower me and push me forward so that I might continue faithfully serving Him.                                                   Therefore, there is a future faith, the truth I have that the moment after I close my eyes in death,                                      I will open them looking into the loving face of Jesus Christ.                                                                                                     How do I need to store up my faith today, all day long: I remember how You Lord have saved me, or rejoicing in eternity?                                                                                       You have saved Me Every Time, even in my sin you still love me and I am thankful to You. For years I felt like I was living in a prison. I have been hurt all of my life. Understanding, now as long as I am for Christ, I would be attacked by the devil. Christ, Himself said we would be attacked from everyone and from every side.

2021 Is For the Local Church In the Name of Jesus:                   Psalm 65:11 > You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.

Paslm 77:5 > I think of tne good old days, long since ended,

6 > when my nights were filled with joyful song. I search my soul and ponder the difference now.

7 > Has the Lord rejoiced me forever? Will He never be kind to me?

8 > Is his unfailing love gone forever? Have His promises permanently failed?

9 > Has God forgotten to be gracious? Has He slammed the door on His compassion?

12 > Tney are constantly in my thoughts. I cannot stop thinking about Your mighty works.

14 > You are the God of great wonders! You demonstrate Your awesome power among the nations.

Psalm 78:1 > O my people, listen to my instructions. Open your ears to what I am saying,

2 > for I will speak to you in parable. I  will teach you hidden lessons for our (you, my), past —

3 > stories we have heard and known, stories our ancestors handed down to us.

“There is nothing wrong with carving out time to pray, but I try not to pressure myself to formalize paryer,”                                                                                                                                                        I like to make prayer a more casual conversation with the Lord and stop at points throughout the day,  like when I am cleaning the house. God has let me talk with him, I  enjoy talking with my Father, turning to Him as much as I do helps me throughout the day, because I rely on God more then myself, and create the buil blocks of a clser personal relationship and fellowship. I start each dayin conversation with God thanking Him for the day that the Lord as made, for protecting me through the night, thank God for blessing me.                                                                                             Then I talk with Him about what ever is weighting on me the most. Therefore, I serender everything knowingly and unknowingly.                                                                                                              I once was diagnosed with Lupus;  I’ve asked God for strength and clarity to cope. And, I was getting high I still talked with Him. Well after five years, I don’t have it anymore. I think the Lord for the healing. Jesus name Amen.

One day I was listening to Joseph Prince, I heard him say, “we are the righteousness ones of God in Christ,” I started looking to Christ to fix me, and trust Him completely. And understanding of a Father, who can give me love and peace.

“Prayer and gratitude help me ignore the minutia and focus on really matters the most.                                                 I rely on my faith in God and His plan for my life, I work through the pain and I saw that life is precious and delicate and can dramatically change in a blink of an eye. It helped me appreciate God’s beauty in day-to-day life and let go of all the things that aren’t really important.        “After becoming a Christian years ago, I saw such a wonderful change in my life. I never felt uncomfortable with my Lord. There are fimes I don’t know what to say or know how to pray, but God the Holy Spirit takes over. God is the only one who I trust, no one else. God, my Father thinks of me all the time.                                                     God’s Word says to trust in Him and Him Only. I don’t even trust myself.                                                                         At times my prayers seemed rehearsed. I believe praying rehearsed prayers have got me through ruff times. The Lord’s Prayer is that model prayer, its also near and dear to my heart. The prayer helps me focus on the Lord and not myself. After trying and failing in prayer I had to go back to the prayers I remembered. Connect through prayer is very important to me. The Word of God is the only answer to everything in life. I felt like I was failing God and learned He loves me no matter what. All good things take practice; even during prayer. I realized that prayer is all about building a relationship with God. He already knows what’s going on. Every breath, ever thought, He is our Heavenly Father who made us in He just wants me to talk to Him; Like a child talks to their earthly father. The more I take with Him, the closer we become. So, I keep on prayering, even if I don’t say anything or everything perfectly.

God knows everything anyway. Every thought, every mood, and He knows every word for our mouths before we say it, and even our next move. He’s not surprised by anything we do.

So, before I knew it, my prayer “life” led not to only good things, but the best things in life.                                                  I have suffered from symptoms of Post Tramatic Stress Disorders being beaten, raped and even shot, reading God’s Word, has help changed my life a little at a time. But there are times even this message replaying in my heart, I couldn’t imagine anything else making me feel safe again. There are time’s the Bible verses felt hollow somehow, a lovely shing of words I didn’t understand. I learned to pray before I read, to hear God speak to me through His Word. It is God’s promises that comfort me. He has promised never to leave and to be afraid. We with me always. And thinks about me all the time. The Love I get to share with our Heavenly Father is forever. There are times I feel loving arms around me. I know its Jesus.

The night that my husband Christian, shot me, I felt to two hands on my back pushing me to the ground that saved my life. I was shot 4 times that night. After Christian shot me, he then killed himself in front of me. I couldn’t understand why he did that, I still don’t. For a long time I closed everyone out of my life and I became distant from family and friends. I entered in to a downward Spiral of anger and resentment.

I love Christian with everything that I had. I thought he was the most wonderful person in my life I didn’t feel anything for anyone the 1st year of the death. I couldn’t understand why someone who was crying the way Christian waz that night he shot me would ever do anything the way he did. It’s not like we didn’t have our life planned out because we did. We just by the trailer and we have plans to fix the trailer up we had plans of building a barbecue outside put in a porch around and the whole trailer so I can hang up my flowers and do things like that. That man made sure I had everything that I needed and wanted no matter what it was.But I can’t say this during a lot of hurt and distrust with him to. He cheated on me he would come around he freaking used me only time come around when nobody else wanted him. He did want me but he never want anybody else to have me either.I can see everything that he did wrong to me now. In the closer I got to Christ I was close to chrisie bananas while. I used to have my quiet times they used to do my prayers and all that when I was with Christian as well.

I want my sleepless nights I decided to go into the memory of my life with Christian it wasn’t the 1st time I’ve done this period I’ve never been so hurt or deceived in my life like I was with him. After the shooting I went back to the trailer to grab some things and when I got there going thing I could see which Chris mine on the floor. I could remember when the EMT had put me on the stretcher and took me out in a look over in a scene Chris with the whole in nis head.  There are many memories in my head of him beating me to the point to where I had to go to the hospital. He broke my nose so many times that I had to go to the hospital the last time because of the beaten. In the beatings that I took, I kept taken for 8 years. I thank God for everything that Christ, done for me because without Jesus being in my life I won’t have what I do. I would never been able to live through that night. I know chrisye before reason. And I thank you Jesus for all you have done.  You say this that night a desal happen with being shot I defer give Christian the moment that happened. I told him to get up get up we have grandchildren to take care of in eating get up ever again. The thing that bothers me the most at night woz of I had a crawl through that trailer to find the cell phone I got the cell phone and signal hit the tower before it shut off. I tried to break out the windows in then I had dragged myself again II drug myself up in around christian’s body he was still warm.  Jesus day give me a piece that night as well. No matter the pain that I was in Christ was still there.

As much as I missed Christian, I knew Christian was still there and filled my emptiness and became my husband. I am no longer a widow. And understanding that time is owers to borrow… but the love I share with Jesus is mine forever. While it may sound counter-intuitive, giving is the most crucial step to finding freedom from the past worry. When I focus on other needs its an act of true faith: I am giving God complete control and doing as He commands. And it doesn’t come over night. So, even when my circumstances don’t change right away there is a reason and everything is on God’s timing. He knows exactly what we need better thencwe do. Thank You Father in Jesus name Amen.

The key was for me was to simply give what I could. I have to give myself completely in order for things to work. Heart, mind, body, and soul.                                               It comes down to my relationship with God and how He called me to help build His Kingdom. Join me as Jesus’ calls us by allowing our hearts to be filled His loving, joyful light each day each day. Jesus is always waiting on us.

I thank God, I have been a Christian as long as I can remember. I have and still do read the Bible most of the time. I have struggled with viewing myself being worthy of God’s love. There have been times I sense Him being disappointed in my sins. I remember, the blood of Jesus has cleaned me of all my sins. God, came to earth in the flesh to died for my sins. Thank You, Father, in Your Sons Jesus name Amen.

Blessed be the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Father of mercies and God of all comfort who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as we share abundantly in Christ’s suffering, so through Christ we share so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too.

We understand and yet: sometimes we feel confused because we are tought God comes first no matter what. You and I are both judgemental and vengeful. We feel fearful of Your power and that we will never live up to deserving Your love, but we still long to grow closer to You. How do we over come our fear of Your judgment. I understand You have already judged us. Christian visions should be to follow Jesus. No matter what! Even those who don’t know You; You find away to talk with them. Because only You can change us from the inside out. I asked You in and Your, Holy Spirit went to work and still is working, Praise the Lord. You molded me for your glory, not mine. You are always my way out.

We all worries come up and democrat to be thought, simply invite to pass through. From this place of mental and physical stillness, send my loving heart to You. I feel your Spirit lift as the Holy Spirit brings us into a union. I have learned to set back and relax in Your love. Allow it to flow through me. There’s no judgment here. There’s is only love and tenderness and joy. Let’s do this more often.

Jesus to the crowd, Matthew 5:8 > “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Dear Jesus, thank you for Your education of Your Word. And the ability to connect with You in my heart. As, I turn from my sinful ways, back to learning the way of Your way. Because, your way is the only way. Learning Your Word means everything. I have always defended my beliefs with many people and still until I died. Well physical death. I am for your well in my life. I thank You, Jesus for being every where. I have learned how to analyze, inspect and ask questions, relationship with You. I have learned to build a loving relationship with the Father through prayer and talking.

I thank You for answering my questions. I thank You for the blessings. You, Have given me all my life back there are needing voices in my head asking me where is the proof? I say He lives and rose from the grave. Praise the Lord. I continue to pray through it all. Believing in the miracles everyday. The miracle of another day of life and thanksgivings to the Lord. And, there are time I come away feeling empty, like I have spun my wheels on the ice. I even have had disbelief and dought. But, true to God’s, Word, He always come through. I believe I have a relationship with Him. There are times I even been ungrateful for the things He’s done for me. How do I even over come my own logic-prone mind?

Wisdom of the Word: See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human traditions, according to the elemental spirits of the world. There is only one element and that’s the Lord. Jesus is the only answer. Our Father has given us the intelligence to question to the work regarding, Your teaching for more than 2000 years, you find it wanting. There is no shame in this. When I reflect on my Biblical Education, I thank God for my mother, who let what movies about Jesus. I learned the stories a d kept them written in my heart. I can bring my teaching to all the people who are hungry for the Lord, like I am. This suggests that there is another way of knowing – a way only God’s, Word has to offer. And there is: It’s the knowing that comes from the heart.

Do you have a few minutes to conduct a little experiment?

If so, settle into a stillness, releasing your thoughts from your mind and tension from your body, and summon the love you feel for the Lord. Because His love endures forever. So, much He came to earth in the flesh, was beaten beyond recognition, died, and He concurred the grave, by stepping out of the tomb. As you breathe out allow yourself to release that love out in all directions. As you breathe in, feel yourself taking in the love that surrounds you. I am breathing out and breathing in, we will begin to enter a new level of knowing. Trust this and you will find Him and get to know Him for yourselves. He’s reaching ojt His hands for you to trust His amazing love, mercy and the power in His grace. There is nothing like it or will be again.

Wisdom is the Word: the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

Psalm 118:22-23 >

We understand and yet it can be traumatic to feel rejected and excluded from a person, group or activity that’s important to us. I have been rejected from many things in my life. Some rejection is good for us. God will intervene when something or someone is not right for our spiritual growth. I have been rejected from churches because God wants me to hear the truth about Him. When no one validates our feelings and views it hurts. People are ignorant and think of themselves before they do God. I can say that because I have as well. Now, I pray for those who think their better than others. Remember, Jesus is the only way and always the answer. That’s how I deal with being left and unwanted. Remember this as well, Christ is the church. Jesus, Himself was rejected when He was on earth and in the garden before He was arrested. Christ, told us in His Word, we will be beat and people will walk from us. Christ’s own disciples walked away from Him.

Luke 4:29-30 > When rejection strikes me, I must go my way. I must stay in with the Word of God, and keep letting Jesus change me.

Sometimes we will be rejected because we are Christians. Even Christians reject Christians. Sometimes ignorance or close-mindedness of others. Your Holy Spirit directs me.

Either way it hurts. I have been asked to leave churches for my honesty. Nobody likes it when you point out they are not following God’s Word.

What EXACTLY is “The Fear of the Lord”?

      Most of us have heard the expression that “the Bible defines itself”. This is absolutely true, but few realize exactly what that means, and it is a blueprint by which we are to read it and glean the nuggets of gold contained in the passages. God desires to make His scriptures exciting for us and creates this pattern throughout it so we can become excited as we put the pieces of His puzzle together scattered through 66 books, written by 40 authors, over a period of 1,500 years. Like any puzzle, no two pieces are exactly alike but they all fit together perfectly to reveal God to us and His plan of salvation.

     God shows us this blueprint by which we are to study His word through multiple passages such as “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter” (Prov 25:2). In this simple example of how God desires us to understand His Word as he provides to us the meaning of “kings” nearly 800 years after that verse is written where Christ himself indicates that He has “made us kings and priests unto God” (Rev 1:6).

     The reason “The Fear of the Lord” is such an extremely important concept for us to understand is because we can’t receive knowledge from God without it. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge …” (Prov 1:7). We are also forbidden to “guess” what it means as we are told that “… that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation” (2 Peter 1:20); therefore, the scriptures must define what it means, and it does: “The fear of the Lord IS to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth …” (Prov 8:13).

     In order to receive any knowledge from God and understand His Word, we must start by hating evil, pride, arrogancy, evil ways, and lying. If we do not hate evil and eliminate it from our lives then we can not receive any knowledge from God as that is God’s own requirement to begin to receive His knowledge (Prov 1:7). Let us therefore purge sin out of our lives and study His word as He defines it for us to enjoy.

     This New Testament provides God’s plan of salvation and the manner in which we should live our lives to serve him, and if we do, we will become his adopted children and live in Heaven with him eternally. Over the centuries, definitions of individual words have been slowly changing, and the original meanings of each of the 5,624 Koine Greek root words used in the New Testament have come to light.

     The Pure Word is an unparalleled New Testament translation from the Original Greek incorporating the original meanings as written at the time of Christ and the Apostles. It is an invaluable resource to be used alongside your favorite version of the Bible or used independently.

     The Pure Word does not only supports the King James Version but provides you with a much richer depth of meaning as written at the time of Christ. The depth of understanding it gives is a must for every Christian in your life! You will get MORE out of the Gospels, be MORE LIFTED up, and see MORE CLEARLY the original intent that will unite Christians from different denominations that debate over various translations. EXPERIENCE the gospel as they did in the first century, during the time of Christ, the Apostles, and the birth of the Church!

     We are further commanded by God to “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Tim 2:15). Studying is not optional for Christians but required of God, and what better way to follow His command than to dive into His Pure Word as understood by the early Church. Watch the official video now and see exactly how The Pure Word is an invaluable resource that should be used by every Christian, pastor, and Bible study group.Watch the official video now and see exactly how The Pure Word is an invaluable resource that should be used by every Christian, pastor, and Bible study group.Watch the official video now and see exactly how The Pure Word is an invaluable resource that should be used by every Christian, pastor, and Bible study group.

Revealing the Original Depth of Meaning as Written by the Apostles Over 1,900 Years Ago!

Author: Delana Zakrzewski

I am saved by the most High God for others sins against me any sins against the Lord God Almighty, Whose Son Jesus, washed us all of our sin by His presuses blood and beat death, by walking out of the Tomb

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