Daily Devotion Wednesday 8, 2020

Get on the Right Road – Scripture Reading Deuteronomy 30:19- “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”                                                                                              God’s going to get you for that! Most of us have said that kind of thing jokingly for years. We’ve somehow believed that God slaps us down with pain and punishment every time we sin. But that’s just not true. There are deadly wages for sin, but God is not the one who’s doing them out.                                                                                                         You see, the Bible tells us there’s been a curse in effect for thousands of years. And the devil is the cause of it, not the Lord God. God gave warning of it Deuteronomy 30:19. After describing in the blessings that fall upon those who followed God and the terrible suffering that would befall those who separated themselves from from God, He said, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”                                                                                              Think of it this way. Curseville is out there. God warned us about it and urged us not to travel the road that leads there. But He has promised to give us freedom, and He’ll allow us to choose our own way. If we get on the road to Curseville and don’t get off it, we’re going to wind up there. Is that because God sent us there? No! He urged us not to go. The vital thing to realize is this: At any point of the journey – whether you’re on the road to Curseville or living right in the middle of it. He’ll take you out of there and deliver you. He’ll deliver you from disease, addiction, or anything else that’s been holding you captive. Today if you find yourself on the wrong road and see destruction ahead, just commit your way to Jesus and He’ll deliver you from whatever may be holding you captive. You can begin by praying, “Lord Jesus, I’ve chosen the wrong road and right now I ask You to forgive me. Today I choose life by choosing Your way. Please deliver me from this bondage and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord!” Remember this: No matter what you’ve done, God doesn’t want to get you for it, He wants to forgive you of it. He doesn’t want to slap you down, He wants to save you and lift you up. Trust Him and let Him put you on the road of life today! Allotment for Judah – Joshua 15:1 – The allotment for the tribe of Judah, clan by clan, extended down to the territory of Edom, to the Desert of Zin in the extreme south. 2 – Their southern boundary started from the bay at the southern end of the Salt Sea, 3 – crossed south of Scorpion Pass, continued on to Zin and went over to the south of Kadesh Barnea. Then it ran past Hezron up to Adder and curved around to Karka. 4 – It then passed along to Azmon and joined the Wadi of Egypt, ending at the sea. This is their southern boundary. 5 – The eastern boundary is the Salt Sea as far as the mouth of the Jordan. The northern boundary started from the bay of the sea at the mouth of the Jordan, 6 went up to Beth Hoglah and continued north of Beth Arabah to the Stone of Bohan son of Reuben. 7 – The boundary then went up to Debir from the Valley of Achor and turned north to Gilgal, which faces the Pass of Adummim south of the gorge. It continued along to Waters of En Shemesh and came out at En Rogel. 8 – Then it ran up the Valley of Ben Hinnom along the southern slope of the Jebusite city (that is, Jerusalem). From there it climbed to the top of the hill west of the Hinnom Valley at the northern end of the Valley of Rephaim. 9 – From the hilltop the boundary headed toward the spring of the Waters of Nephtoah, came out at the towns of Mount Ephron and went down toward Baalah (that is, Kiriath Jearim). 10 – Then it curved westward from Baalah to Mount Seir, ran along the northern slope of Mount Jearim (that is, Kesalon), continued slope of Ekron, turned toward Shikkeron, passed along to Mount Baalah and reached Jabneel. The boundary ended at the sea. 12 – The western boundary is the coastline of the Great Sea. These are the boundaries around the people of Judah by their clan.

13 – In accordance with the LORD’S command to him, Joshua gave to Caleb son of Jephunneh a portion in Judah – Kiriath Arba, that is, Hebron. ( Arba was the forefather of Anak.) 14 – From Hebron Caleb drove out the three Anakities – She – shai, Ahiman and Talmai – descendants of Anak. 15 – From there he marched against the people living in Debir (formerly called Kiriath Sepher). 16 – And Caleb said, “I will give my daughter Acsah in marriage to the who attacks and captures Kiriath Sepher.” 17 – Othniel son of Kenaz, Caleb’s brother, took it; so Caleb have his daughter Acsah to him in marriage.  18 – One day when she came to Othniel, she urged him to ask her father for a field. When she got off the donkey, Celeb asked her, “What can I do for you?” 19 – She replied, “Do me a special favor. Since you have given me in the land Negev, give me also springs of water.” So Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs. 20 – This is the inheritance of the tribe of Judah, clan by clan:

21 – The southern towns of the tribe of Judah in the Negev toward the boundary of Edom were: Kebzeel, Eder, Jagur, 22 – Kinah, Dimonah, Adadah, 23 – Kedesh, Hazor, Ithnan, 24 – Ziph, Telem, Bealoth, 25 – Hazor Hadattah, Kerioth Hezron (that is, Hazor), 26 – Amam, Shema, Moladah, 27 – Hazar Gaddah, Heshmon, Beth Pelet, 28 – Hazar Shual, Beersheba, Biziothiah, 29 – Baalah, Iim, Ezem, 30 – Eltolad, Kesil, Hormah, 31 – Ziklag, Madmannah, Sansannah, 32 – Lebaoth, Shilhim, Ain and Rimmon – a total of twenty-nine towns and their villages.

33 – In the western foothills: Eshtaol, Zorah, Ashnah, 34 – Zanoah, En Gannim, Tappuah, Enam, 35 –Jarmuth, Adullam, Sicoh, Azekah, 36 – Shaaraim, Adithaim and Gederah (or Gederothaim) – fourteen towns and their villages.

37 – Zenan, Hadashah, Migdal Gad, 38 – Dilean, Mizpah, Joktheel, 39 – Lachish, Bozkath, Eglon, 40 – Cabbon, Lahmas, Kitlish, 41 – Gederoth, Beth Dagon, Naamah and Makkedah – sixteen towns and their villages.

42 – Libnah, Ether, Ashan, 43 – Iphtah, Ashnah, Nezib, 44 – Keilah, Aczib and Mareshah – nine towns and their villages.

45 – Ekron, with its surrounding settlements and villages; 46 – west to Ekron all that were in the vicinity of Ashdod, together with their villages; 47 – Ashdod, its surrounding settlements and villages; and Gaza, its settlements and villages, as far as the Wadi of Egypt and the coastline of the Great Sea.

48 – In the hill country: Shamir, Jattir, Socoh, 49 – Nannah, Kiriath Sannah (that is, Debir), 50 – Anab, Eshtemoh, Anim, 51 – Goshen, Holon and Giloh – eleven towns and their villages.

52 – Arab, Dumah, Eshan, 53 – Janim, Beth Tappuah, Aphekah, 54 – Humtah, Kiriath Arba (that is, Hebron) and Zior – nine towns and their villages.

55 – Maon, Carmel, Ziph, Juttah, 56 – Jezreel, Jokdeam, Zanoah, 57 – Kain, Gibeah and Timnah – ten towns and their villages.

58 – Halhul, Beth Zur, Gedor, 59 – Maarath, Beth Anoth and Eltekon – six towns and theirs villages.

60 – Kiriath Baal (that is, Kiriath Jearim) and Rabbah – two towns and their villages.

61 – In the desert: Beth Arabah, Middin, Secacah, 62 – Nibshan, the city of Salt and En Gedi – six towns and their villages.

63 – Judah could not dislodge the Jebusites, who were living in Jerusalem; to this day Jebusites live there with the people of Judah.

Read Acts 22

The days before the 1967 war were a time of intense Arab hostility.  Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) threatened to completely destroy Israel.

While Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq amassed troops to attack Israel, Israel launched a pre-emptive strike.  Despite the superior military strength of Israel’s enemies, the Jewish nation miraculously won the war in just six days.

God was protecting His Holy City Jerusalem!

Once again, Israel’s capital, the city in which God chose to dwell, was in Jewish hands.

“You will bring them in and plant them on the mountain of Your possession; LORD, You have prepared a place for Your dwelling; Lord, Your hands have established the sanctuary.”  (Exodus 15:17)

Author: Delana Zakrzewski

I am saved by the most High God for others sins against me any sins against the Lord God Almighty, Whose Son Jesus, washed us all of our sin by His presuses blood and beat death, by walking out of the Tomb

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